Halley is a truly inspirational fitness coach.  She has the unique ability to get her clients/students to leave their concerns at the door and really focus on their personal wellness goals.  She helps you maximize your training time by encouraging you to give 100% of your efforts to building your strength and stamina.  Working out with Halley is truly an energizing and cleansing experience!

Alison (Hoboken, NJ)

My wife and I have taken Halley’s spin class for the last 6 years. We love her class because she has a perfect balance of making the class both enjoyable and challenging. Halley makes you try to do your best and not want to let her down. That’s what makes you push through it and enjoy it at the same time. It is clear that she puts a lot of thought into preparing for each class. In spinning, a good instructor can make or break your experience, and Halley is the best!

Jared and Jenny (Hoboken, NJ)

I started attending Halley’s spin class one year before my wedding.  I have struggled with weight and health issues my entire life and had formed an attitude of hating the gym.  After attending my first class that Halley taught, I immediately felt motivated; her inspiring and upbeat energy was contagious (physically and mentally) and I soon found myself attending her classes three times a week.   Halley is the perfect combination of tough and warm- she will push you to challenge yourself, but will also cheer you on and encourage you to listen to your body making her workouts an emotional, physical and mental experience.  Her extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her students is a combination that sets a foundation for success and a healthier lifestyle. By the time my wedding rolled around, I was 20 pounds lighter and looking forward to going to the gym regularly for my workouts.  Halley is an outstanding master of her craft and truly helped change my life by instilling confidence in me and helping discover the athlete in me that I never knew was there!

Jesse M. (Hoboken, NJ)

I took my first spin class with Halley over five years ago and her motivational classes are the reason I have continued cycling. As an instructor, Halley is always inspiring and encouraging. Her classes are challenging, but her positive attitude makes every workout enjoyable and rewarding.

Jenn ( Hoboken, NJ )

I have been training with Halley for a couple of years. She’s a terrific trainer. She’s very focused, and she motivates me to keep on pushing. She’s very knowledgeable on nutrition as well. My body has been transformed since working out with Halley.

Debbie ( Livingston, NJ )

Ever since I started taking Halley’s spin class, I fell back in love with the gym again. Her motivational and spiritual presence is bold and clear and she gets me pumped up to come back each and every time. Halley puts you through an incredible workout and by the time the class is over, you don’t even realize it because you’ve enjoyed yourself so much. Her workouts are fun, rewarding and well worth the effort

Todd (Hoboken, NJ)

Halley has a way of being kind and impactful at the same time – a terrific combination. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, feel great about my health, enjoy my training, and have a new friend and mentor to lean on.

Rebecca H. (Glen Ridge, NJ)

I have been weight training with Halley since March 2014. To date, I have lost 32 lbs and gained the confidence and self esteem I have not had in years. I am in the best shape of my life, and Halley still manages to motivate me and push me beyond my limits.

Joe H. (Glen Ridge, NJ)

I started weight training with Halley only 4 weeks ago.  I have always been an extremely active person but Halley has introduced me into another world of exercise and well-being. I have already seen the results and changes in my body. It’s not only weight training with Halley. It is nutrition mentoring and lifestyle change. She honestly cares about each and every one of her clients and wants them to feel their very best.  I recommend her highly to anyone that wants to change their daily workout routine and really see results!

Andrew B. (Montclair, NJ)